Good Morning Past Presidents, Vice Presidents, Exco members, Lady captains, Past Lady captains, Committee members & Fellow members of the SLGA.

Gillian, Kui Hwa, Lily & I are very honoured to be elected office bearers of the Singapore Ladies Golf Association. We are very excited and look forward to serving the SLGA to the best of our abilities.

Founding President Mrs Jeanette Sim established the SLGA in 1979 to act as the governing body for ladies golf in Singapore. Her original mission was to advance ladies golf in Singapore by promoting local tournaments and to maintain liaisons and establish representative matches with similar associations in the region.

As the sport grew in popularity, junior golf development became one of SLGA’s priorities. We are proud to add that the first Singapore Lady Professional to play in an LPGA & KLPGA event Koh Sock Hwee was a product of the SLGA junior development program.

The diversity in my team is plain for all to see. Two of us are “work from home” mums and the other 2 are high achieving “go getters” in the corporate world. Yet, despite our differences in handicap, lifestyles and backgrounds, our commitment, passion and love for the game of golf is equal and on par.

We share the same Vision and we share Mrs Sim’s vision.

With the collaboration and cooperation of our lady captains, club captains and the SGA, we shall ensure the SLGA plays an integral role

  • in the promotion of ladies golf in Singapore and overseas
  • in junior golf development and
  • in providing assistance to our young professionals in their Rookie years.

On this point, I would to like to highlight that the SLGA’s mission is to promote ladies golf in Singapore, both amateur & professional.

I will now briefly introduce the two most important SLGA events and outline the calendar for 2016

Queen Sirikit Cup 2016

Singapore was part of the inaugural group of 9 associations that launched the Queen Sirikit Cup in 1979.

The QSC is an Amateur Ladies Asian Invitational Team Championships comprising 14 member countries.

The 38th edition of this event will be held in Korea from April 27th to 29th and Singapore will be represented by Amanda Tan, Jacqueline Young & Ashley Loh.

The QSC remains the most important international event for the SLGA.

As a founding member, it is important to the relevance of the SLGA that we attend and support the event.

Due to preparations for the Singapore Ladies Amateur Open in May, only Kui Hwa & I will be accompanying the team to Korea.

Apart from chaperone and mentoring duties, we shall introduce ourselves and further develop our ties with the other associations.

This trip will also serve as an important platform to promote the Singapore Ladies Amateur Open.

Singapore Ladies Amateur Open 2016

The championship will be held at the Keppel Club on 25th to 27th May 2016.

After much consideration, the organising committee decided on a lower Entry Fee to bring it in tandem with Amateur Opens held in the Philippines and Hong Kong in early 2016.

And in view of the current economic climate, we felt that a lower fee will encourage more juniors and lady golfers to participate.

Our immediate objective is to revive participation and eventually restore the Singapore Ladies Amateur Open as one of the premier Amateur events in Asia and we seek the help of all present to promote our National Championship.

The other major events organised by the SLGA in 2016 will be

  • the SLGA Cup hosted by Jurong Country Club in Oct,
  • the Asian Interport that will take place in Indonesia in November
  • the Champion of Champions Tournament &
  • the Evergreen tournaments.

The venues and dates for the above 2 events have yet to be set and they will be announced shortly.

A new event, A Founders Day competition in honour of Mrs Jeanette Sim is in the pipeline and we hope to finalise details as soon as possible.

May I now share my team’s vision and plans for the SLGA.

We hope to unlock some funds in our very healthy reserves and utilise them well to achieve our mission of promoting ladies golf in Singapore & fostering relationships with similar associations in the region.

Early talks have commenced to collaborate with the SGA to organise junior Talent Identification Programs & run summer golf camps for junior golfers.

Ultimately, we hope to allocate funds to sponsor deserving juniors in overseas tournaments and provide financial aid to aspiring lady golfers in their transition from amateur to professional. Financial stress is one of the main obstacles new professionals face and we hope the SLGA can come forward to ease that burden. As the governing body for ladies golf, we must strive to take on a bigger role.

As for the social lady golfers, our plan is to allocate a bigger budget to the organising committees of each SLGA sanctioned event in a bid to raise the enjoyment for all participants.

Membership in the Evergreen division has grown tremendously in the past 2 years and participation rate in the competitions organised by Jennifer Schoon has been very high.

Initial contact has been made and the SLGA hopes to establish an overseas match for our Evergreen ladies with our regional counterparts.

In order to achieve any of the above, we hope to  have the cooperation of all the lady captains and club captains in Singapore.

Only through unity can we move forward and attain any measure of success.

The new team is very humbled to have the support of so many of you and   we are greatly encouraged by this show of support.

We shall strive to deliver our best.

THANK You and we look forward to a wonderful year ahead for the SLGA.

Speech by Lyn Sen

21st March 2016

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