2016 SGA INTER-CLUB LEAGUE – (April – October 2016)


The following conditions, together with any additions or amendments as published by the SGA Tournament Sub-Committee will apply under Rule 33-1 to the SGA Inter-Club League.


a. The 2016 SGA Inter-Club League (ICL) is a round robin match play event without handicap allowances that is open to all SGA Ordinary Members.

b. The ICL shall be played in accordance with the Rules of Golf as approved by R&A Rules Ltd and the Local Rules of SGA Ordinary Members hosting the matches.

c. The ICL will be played in five (5) Divisions. They are the Men’s “Premier”, “A”, “B”, with “Premier” being the highest and “B” the lowest; “Ladies” and Men’s “Senior”.

d. The classification of the Divisions are as follows:

i. “Premier” Division – HI up to 4.9

ii. “A” Division – HI between 5.0 to 9.9

iii. “B” Division – HI between 10.0 to 15.0

iv. “Ladies” Division

1. Two “A” players – HI up to 11.0

2. Two “B” players – HI between 11.1 to 18.0

3. Two “Evergreen”

players – No limit on HI

– Must be 50 years or older as of 1 Jan 2016

v. “Senior” Division – No limit on HI

– Must be 55 years or older as of 1 Jan 2016


a. All SGA Ordinary Members are eligible to field a team of 6 players in each Division except the “Premier” Division where there will be 4 players. Players must be members of the Ordinary Member that they are representing. Players may represent only one Ordinary Member and are not eligible to play for any other Ordinary Members (even if they are members of that Ordinary Member) once they have represented an Ordinary Member in any Leg at the start of the season.

b. They must conform in all respects to the Rules of Amateur Status as laid down by the R&A Rules Ltd and possess a valid USGA Handicap Index within the stipulated range in their respective Divisions. A player whose Handicap Index has Excessive Penalty Scores will not be eligible to participate.

c. A player’s eligibility to play in the various Divisions will be based on the lowest Handicap Index that a player has held in the last six months of 2015, that is, July to December. The SGA NHB (1 Jan 16) will be available for reference and the lowest Handicap Index held must be taken from the 1 Aug 15 to the 1 Jan 16 revision dates.

d. Players without the requisite six months Handicap Index records are only eligible to be fielded in the “Premier”, “Senior” and Ladies “A” and “Evergreen” Divisions.

e. New members of Ordinary Members whose handicap scoring records are not shown in the SGA NHB as at 1 Jan 16 may be fielded to represent them. However, they may only be fielded in the “Premier”, “Senior” and Ladies “A” and “Evergreen” Divisions.

f. Ordinary Members may field players in a higher Division than the Division that they are eligible to play in. Once a player has played a match in any one Division, the player must remain in that Division throughout the entire season. For avoidance of doubt, they cannot subsequently be fielded to play in any other Division.

g. Players whose Handicap Index has been adjusted during the duration of the ICL may continue to play in the same Division that they started with.

h. A player who breaches any eligibility criteria will be disqualified.


a. The ICL will be a round robin match play without handicap allowances. It shall consist of the number of Legs required for each team to play against each other and shall all be played at a neutral course.

b. Each Ordinary Member may field a team comprising 28 players with 4 players in the “Premier” Division and 6 players each in the “A”, “B”, “Senior” and “Ladies” Divisions.

c. There will be a total of fourteen (14) matches to be played in each Leg comprising two (2) Four-Ball matches in the “Premier” Division and three (3) Four-Ball matches each in the “A”, “B”, “Senior” and “Ladies” Divisions.

d. One point (1) will be awarded to the winner of a match and zero (0) point to the loser. If a match ends in a draw, both sides will get half (½) point each. The winner of a Leg shall be the team that has amassed a total of 7½ points or more.

e. The winner of a Leg will get three (3) points and the loser zero (0) points. If a Leg ends in a draw, both teams will get one (1) point each.

f. The Overall Champion will be the team that has the highest total points amassed from the total number of wins from the 12 Legs.

g. The Division Champions will be determined by the total points achieved in the various Divisions from the matches in the 12 Legs. The teams with the most points shall be declared the respective Division Champions.


a. Overall Champion In the event of tie/ties for the Overall Champion and/or any overall position, the winner shall be the team that has the most number of points amassed from the matches in the 12 Legs. If a tie still arises, the winner shall be the team that won the Leg played between the tying teams. If the tie is not broken, the results of “Premier” Division scores will be used and if necessary, the “A”, “B”, “Senior” and “Ladies” Divisions shall be used to break the tie.

b. Division Champions In the event of tie/ties for the Division Champions and or any division positions, the winner shall be the team that has won the most Legs. If a tie still arises, the winner shall be the team that won the Leg played between the tying teams. If the tie is not broken, the results of the Overall scores will be used and the winner shall be the team that is ranked higher based on the count back system to determine the overall ranking.


a. Players shall start at the time and in the order indicated in the draw. This will be decided upon submission of the team members by the Team Captain as provided in paragraph 2 of the Administrative Instructions.

b. In the event that the match pairing of a team is not submitted to the Tournament Director (TD) on time the team shall be disqualified for the match.

c. In the event that both teams have not submitted the match pairings on time, the TD shall consider the team matches halved. No substitution of players and changes of starting times shall be permitted once the draw has been made.


a. When play is suspended by the TD for a dangerous situation, players must discontinue play immediately and not resume play until the TD has ordered a resumption of play. If a player fails to discontinue play immediately, he is disqualified, unless circumstances warrant waiving the penalty as provided in Rule 33-7.


a. In the event that inclement weather does not permit the completion of all the matches, the results of completed matches will stand and incomplete matches will be treated as halved.

b. The Tournament Director’s determination of the playability of the course due to inclement weather and the decision taken to terminate or resume play for the day is final.


a. No caddies are allowed.

b. All players must use the buggies that are provided.


a. The Local Rules of the hosting Ordinary Member will apply.


a. The tournament referee’s decision on all matters pertaining to the Rules of Golf is final.

b. The decision of the Tournament Director, once posted, is final and binding on all parties.

c. If a side in a match is disqualified under the Rules of Golf, the disqualification applies only to the specific side in the match and not to the whole team in the respective Division.


a. All players are required to have appropriate golfing insurance.


a. The Specimen Condition of Competition contained in page 137 of the Rules of Golf applies.


a. A player may obtain distance information by use of a distance measuring device. If, during a stipulated round, a player uses a distance measuring device to gauge or measure other conditions that might affect his play (eg, elevation changes, wind speed, etc.), the player is in breach of Rule 14-3.


a. The pace of play and maximum time allowed for the round will be decided by the Tournament Director and will be made available prior to play.

b. The penalty for breach of pace of play is:

i. First offence – Loss of hole;

ii. Second offence – Loss of hole;

iii. For subsequent offence – Disqualification.


a. Overall Champion

i. Champion – Challenge Trophy and individual trophies

ii. 1st Runner-Up – Silver medals

iii. 2nd Runner-Up – Bronze medals

b. Division Champions ( “Premier”, “A”, “B”, “Senior”)

i. Winner – Challenge Trophy and gold medals

ii. Runner-Up – Silver medals

c. “Ladies” Division

i. Winner – Challenge Trophy and gold medals

ii. Runner-up – Silver medals

Note: Winner and Runner Up of Ladies Sub-Divisions, “A”, “B” and “Evergreen” will receive gold and silver medals, respectively.


a. The SGA Tournament Sub-Committee reserves the right to amend these conditions of competition.



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