First let it be known that this is not a tip from a golf professional – it’s one gleaned from trial, and one error.

We’ll start with the error. In this case Meg Koh, captain of SICC, forgets to bring her golf shoes for a four ball game at Tampines Course, TMCC. She informs playing partners Gill Sim, Fumiko (surname please) and Jennifer Schoon, that she’ll nip into the pro shop and purchase a pair.

Meg walks out of the shop with a pair of shoes that makes her look, literally, like big foot. Not finding a pair in her size, the sales assistant loans her a pair of men’s size 71/2; Meg is a women’s size 6.

We try not to laugh as Meg gingerly makes her way out of the buggy onto the tee box. Lo and behold as she has to try and keep her shoes on, she stays rooted to the ground and hits an amazing shot. We do not at this point credit it to the upsized shoes.

But as she repeatedly hits great shots, and sinks amazing putts, Gill makes a comment. “It has to be the shoes. You’re not dancing and moving as you usually do, Meg.” And in staying down, and still, Meg albeit looking funny in the shoes, does hit amazing shots.

We all have a light bulb moment – the secret is Big Shoes. And for the rest of the game Meg is christened Super Shoes, Big Foot, and some other less polite names we won’t mention to protect the guilty. And we decide, yup, gotta take pictures to share with all seeking to make better shots!

Be cautioned however, that while you could (emphasis in on could) hit better, the effort to keep shoes on while walking up and down slopes, and in and out of bunkers, takes its toll on leg muscles. So before you try upsized shoes take note: 1. Wear for the first over 9 holes only or 2. Get leg muscles into shape with squats or leg raisers before upsizing.

Till our next tongue-in-cheek tip…happy golfing. If do try this tip let us know how it went. If you want to share a tip, drop us an email and picture to secretary@slga.org.sg

Comment from Meg after the game…

“I looked at my scorecard, I actually scored 44 for the first 9 at Tampines!  It must be the magical pair of ugly and humongous golf shoes *hahaha*.  The magic disappeared on the 2nd 9 though.  I think my legs were tired wearing that heavy pair”  Mrs Meg Koh, SICC Ladies Captain.



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