Representing Singapore in the 35th Queen Sirikit Cup, 15-19 April in Taiwan, is the awesome trio of Koh Sock Hwee, 23; Low Si Xuan, 22; and Amelia Yong, 21.

All three have represented Singapore at this premier amateur tournament, with Sock Hwee playing it for the fifth time this year, and the other two playing it for the second time.

As of this week, the young women say they are on target with training, and are hitting their stride mentally and emotionally.

Together, they hope to keep each other strong and focused, and while as Sock Hwee pointed out “each has to go out and post a good score, and not think the other person is going to do it,” they appear to be melded as a team with a singular goal – to pack their A game in their golf bags.

With sound advice, coaching and strategic guidance from Andrew Welsford their coach and mentor, the women are ready to take on Sunrise Golf and Country Club.


Right Now

Sock Hwee: I’m feeling OK. My game’s improved and I’m emotionally centred – not down or stressed

Amelia: My long game is consistent and I’m happy with it. Have to work on my short game – putting and bunker shots.

Si Xuan: Today’s practice was great. Changed my putter grip (it was old and truly horrid looking) and it looking better is making me putter better! I was hooking my drives, but I’ve straightened it out.


Different Strokes

Sock Hwee: I’d say I’m probably the more conservative in my approach to the game

Amelia: I’m the aggressive one of the group

Si Xuan: I’m between the two – the balancer


Game Plan

Sock Hwee: We have two practise rounds and I hope to do well then. It’ll give me the confidence to go out and feel good. And also help to form a game plan.

Amelia: I don’t want to play too well in the practise rounds. I’ll get super excited and kinda put more pressure on myself.

Si Xuan: This will be my first time playing the course (Sock Hwee and Amelia have played it previously) so I’m using the practise rounds to feel my way and form an impression to formulate a strategy.


All three when asked for a number have it in their mind to over the three days of competition play an average of 75. And the other goal they have collectively is to try and beat both Malaysia and Hong Kong.

We wish them the best. And do check back as we follow the team’s preparation to D-Day plus daily soundbites during the tournament.


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