By Jennifer Schoon

The first time Christabel Goh, played the HSBC Women’s Championship 2011 in Singapore was the year after she turned pro in America. Last year she played 12 events and tees off 2013 in style later this month at the sixth HSBC Women’s Championship at Sentosa Golf Club.

Clinching the playoff with Su-Ann Heng to bag the spot at Asia’s Major, Christabel is fine-tuning her game and seems confident the second-time around.

SLGA:  What was your first reaction, or thought, on securing the place to play the HSBC Champions 2013?

Christabel:  Naturally, I was really excited to have qualified. It took some time to set in, but once it did I started to get more and more excited. I’m also very thankful to have the opportunity to even qualify.

SLGA:  Beyond the experience the tournament affords, what are your expectations of yourself over the four days of competition?

Christabel:  I haven’t really set myself any specific goals or targets for that week yet, nothing related to scores or a top 10 finish for example. I just want to go out there, do my best and have fun while I’m doing it. Basically, I will stick to my game plan and trust that I have done my homework diligently.

SLGA:  In the three weeks to the tournament, how will you be using the time to prepare for it?

Christabel:  Sentosa Golf Club has very kindly given me the chance to practice there during the week, so I will be spending some time on the course to get as familiar as I can with it to give me the best chance of doing well. I also plan on putting in some extra time around the greens, making sure my short game is as sharp as it can be.

SLGA:  Which part of your game are you most confident with at the moment? Which part in your opinion needs sharpening?

Christabel:  I’m very happy with my ball striking at the moment. I always feel that my game is a work in progress and everything can always be improved on.

SLGA:  If you could choose any golfer from the world ranking professionals playing the HSBC Champions 2013, who would you most like to play with, and why?

Christabel:  It is an honour for me to play with any of the girls who will be in the field so I’m not sure I can answer that question well. I look forward to teeing it up with all of them.

SLGA:  Some golfers have a good luck colour they wear, or a lucky charm. Do you have a routine or item that gives you that feel good factor?

Christabel:  I don’t have a good luck colour or a lucky charm. I always have pretty much the same routine, be it my warm up or preshot routine. I wouldn’t say it gives me a feel good factor, but it creates a kind of like, a comfort zone, for lack of a better way of phrasing it. There are instances when I have to alter my routine slightly but that doesn’t throw me off my game either.

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