Evergreen Concessions (Ordinary Members/Affiliates/associates)

Concessionary Green Fee for Evergreen Members

The Evergreen membership is now a card-less system and membership status will be verified through an Evergreen Database.  Participating Country Clubs are able to access our Evergreen database to check if your membership status is active.  When are register at the participating clubs, just provide your first and last name as per IC no.


Evergreen Concessions 2024

Changi Golf Club

Green> $50.00 plus 9% GST  for 18 holes inclusive of buggy ( weekdays only)

Validity : 31st December, 2024

Orchid Country Club

Green>$90.00       Buggy > $30.00     Lighting : $25 ( applicable for Night golf only)    

Validity : 31st December, 2023

To Book:

Every Thursday, the Evergreens will be able to book tee times for the next Monday to Friday (excluding weekends and Public Holidays).

Sembawang Country Club

Green Fees (AM and PM): $120 ( Tue-Fri); $160 (weekends and Public holidays PM)

Subject to  9% GST

Validity : 31st December, 2024

To Book: 3 days before game subject to availability

Email to Golf.admin@sembawanggolf.org.sg

Validity: 31st December, 2024

Singapore Island Country Club

Bukit > S$149.80   Island > S$113.40  (incl buggy & GST)

To Book:

-Booking made at least 4 days in advance

-Subject to availability

-Call golfing office (tel: 6431-8371/2)


-Min 3 ball flight

Or join a flight of SICC members

-Max – 12 players a month

-Valid for once a year

- Validity : till 30th June 2024

Tanah Merah Country Club

Green> $176.00  Buggy > $32

Applicable to both Garden and Tampines course

To Book: -Booking made at least  6 days in advance

-Subject to availability

-Call golfing office ( tel : 65451731)


- Max 2 flights per day allowed

- Valid for once a year

-Validity : 31st December, 2024

Warren Country Club

Green & Buggy & GST> $94.18(nett) for 18 hole game

To Book:

 - 5 days in advance

- Email to golf@warren.org.sg

-Validity : 31st December, 2024


Seletar Country Club

Green: S$140/- on Mondays and Tuesdays only, the prevailing buggy fee and GST are applicable.

Validity: 31st December, 2024

Evergreen members may book a minimum 3-ball flight, without a Seletar member, by giving 10 day’s advance notice and subject to slots availability.

Bookings can by made with the golf office via the following:

Alice Teo – alice.teo@seletarclub.com.sg

Lee Peitsi – peitsi.lee@seletarclub.com.